Camp Rules

When you visit camp you agree to follow the rules as follows.

1. Camp Ahbalufa is a Gopher Tortoise Sanctuary, which means that at no time is anyone to touch, poke with sticks put sticks into their nesting holes or otherwise molest the turtles in any way, they are a protected species. Some sites may be unavailable at times due to nests.

2. No pets are allowed in camp at all, not even in your vehicle. For the safety of campers and your pets. If your unit will have a service animal, please notify camp prior to your arrival.

3. No guns, weapons or alcohol are allowed in camp.

4. Closed toed shoes are to be worn at all times.

5. Vehicles are always to remain on the camp road. (Two wheels on the road) There is to be no driving into any campsite or unauthorized area.

6. Because of the nature of camping and the lack of security of tents anyone caught stealing anything will be reported to the authorities and you will be removed from Camp.

7. The camp road is a one-way road with a maximum of 5 mph.

8. Each camp site has a fire pit. All fires must be maintained, and at no time will a fire be left unattended. We do not allow bonfires; all fires must be kept to a minimum. You must use all available fire safety rules while the fire is burning. (hose or water bucket and shovel) At times the county may impose a burn ban; no fires will be permitted during this time. We will advise at check in if this is the case.

9. There are to be no rope swings or anything else attached to the trees, no screws, nails or anything else that will damage the trees.

10. The pool is for daylight hours only, no exceptions.

11. Camp rules and policies can and will be revised and updated by the Executive Board.

12. Quiet time is from 10 pm to 6 am unless it is an event, then it would be up to the event coordinator.

13. All costs associated with the repair or replacement of willfully damaged camp property will be the responsibility of the unit with a $100 minimum.

Camp Ahbalufa reserves the right to remove anyone from camp for violation of rules and/ or conduct.

We wish to thank you for visiting our camp.


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