Camp Rules
1)    SAFETY and SECURITY is the most important rules at camp, we want everyone and Every visit to be the safest and most secure possible for all. Our Camp is a use at your own risk

2)    When you visit our camp you agree to follow the rules as they are set out as follows.

3)    Any and all youth organizations are welcome to use our facilities.

4)    When your youth organization uses our camp you must have your own liability accident insurance naming St Lucie County Scouters Inc. and Camp Ah Ba Lu Fa as insured.

5)    To come and visit our camp you must go to our web site, Then go to the calendar to check availability and make a reservation from the reservation page which will be approved within 5 business days or you will receive an email with more questions concerning your reservation once it has been approved it will then show up on the calendar. Cancellations must be made as soon as possible in whatever means necessary.

6)    Any youth organization visiting our camp must have a minimum of two adults 21 years or older with the youth in camp at all times. If you are a co-ed youth group you must have a co-ed leadership of at least two adults 21 years or older.

7)    Camp Ah Ba Lu Fa is a Gopher Tortoise Sanctuary, which means that at no time is anyone to touch, poke with sticks put sticks into their nesting holes or otherwise molest the turtles in any way they are a protected species. Some sites may be unavailable at times due to nests.

8) Remember that you are a guest of camp,  you and your group must act accordingly and take full responsibility for yourself and your group at all times while in camp.

9)    If you are required by your youth organization to have traveling papers or tour permits you make sure we have a copy upon arrival or get it to us before hand.

10)  When you visit camp you must at all times wear closed toed shoes, at no time are you  allowed to wear anything that does not protect your toes while in camp.

11) From time to time we find things that were left in camp. We will hold such items for (1) week to give you time to contact us about it, then we will dispose of such items as we See fit.

12)  St Lucie County Scouts Inc and Camp Ah Ba Lu Fa will not be responsible for any Items left in any of our buildings to recharge batteries, in other words DO NOT LEAVE ANY ITEMS in our buildings unattended.

13)  Because of the nature of camping and the lack of security of tents anyone caught Stealing anything will be reported to the authorities and you will be removed from Camp.

14)  Whatever is in camp belongs to camp anything you bring into camp and leave becomes the property of camp, so if you bring it in, you take it with you when you Leave.


15)   Our camp road has a maximum walking speed limit at all time.

16)   The camp road is a one-way road.

17)   You must have a vehicle pass to enter into camp with your vehicle.

18)   If your group has a cargo trailer that holds your groups camping gear you will be allowed to back your trailer just inside of the site not beyond the front of the site unhook your trailer and park out front in the parking lot of camp.

19)   Your group will be allowed to drive into camp, next to the camp site to unload your gear, but you cannot at anytime drive your vehicle into the camp site; you must pull up next to the gateway of the site and unload your gear then pull out to the front parking lot, then go and set up your tent and gear.

20)   Each camp site has a fire pit. All fires must be maintained, and at no time will a fire be left unattended. We do not allow bonfires, all fires must be kept to a minimum. You must use all available fire safety rules while the fire is burning. (hose or water bucket and shovel)

21)   There are to be no rope swings or anything else attached to the trees, no screws, Nails or anything else that will damage the trees. The gateways are for the members, Do not attach anything to them without permission from the Executive Board.

22)    If you do attach anything, as in staples, nails, screws. Or any other object to the Gateways. You must remove them when you leave.

23)   The pool is for daylight hours only, no exceptions. You must have the proper Certifications that are required by your organization and be approved by the person That is in charge of camp at that time.

24)    Whether your group is the only group in camp or there is multiple groups in camp, Everyone will be required to help clean up camp so you leave it as you found it.

25)    The inside camp road gate will open on Fridays at 5:00 pm and will close promptly at 8:30 pm. The gate will stay closed until Sunday morning. It will then be opened at 9:00 am to allow you to pick up your gear. Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis. Checkout time on Sunday is 12 noon.

26)   Camp rules and policies can and will be revised and updated by the Executive Board.

27)   Please remember that this camp is all about your kids. We want to provide a fun, safe And educational place for them to come and learn.

28)   We the Executive Board and Staff along with all of the wonderful volunteers at camp

We wish to thank you for visiting our camp.


Rent Our Canoes for the Weekend


Take a swim


Enjoy Center Field and our Pavilion

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